Who's Got Your Back?

Dear Yin Weavers,

A surfer, named Todd Endris, was hit three times by a great white shark and was facing likely death when a pod of dolphins suddenly arrived and formed a protective circle around him until he got to shore. It seemed like the dolphins had been patrolling for trouble. If the dolphins hadn’t been there and had his back, he wouldn’t have survived.
Who has your back, ready to protect you from something you can’t foresee?

This special protection isn’t just important while surfing or engaging in a military battle, it’s important with your immune health. Your immune system is who should have your back to keep you healthy against the leading killers as well as the common ailments.

If you suffer from :

Headaches - poor quality of sleep -moodiness and irritability - anxiety - sinus pressure- excess fat that just stays on - indigestion - hormonal Imbalances -- muscle tension - - skin irritations - - dark circles under the eye - puffy eyes - puffiness around the body -seasonal cold’s/flu’s and health challenges,
you likely need a boost for your immune system
tissue basket
Earlier this month I woke up with the tale-tell signs of a nasty sinus infection…runny nose, painful sinus, lots of “power sneezes.” I popped an extra dose of my favorite immune builder , and followed it up with two grams of vitamin C.  I was resigned to spending the day knocking back an additional couple of grams of C every one or two hours, knowing this is usually what it takes for me to get rid of a cold quickly. Fast-forward to the next morning.  I’m making breakfast when my husband John asks, “Hey, how’s your cold?”  I stop…well…cold.  It suddenly dawns on me that not only do I not have any symptoms, but I’d forgotten to take any extra C after that original dose.
What’s does a good immune defense supplement do ? It cleanses and detoxifies at a cellular level and balances your immune system.  Here’s how it works.
Every day, every year, every minute of our lives we’re exposed to toxins or harmful chemicals—not just one or two at a time, but in multiple arenas—like multi-faceted attack—chemicals in our water, air pollution, chemicals sprayed on food, chemical in household items. The body treats these chemicals as toxins and wants to get rid of them. But over time, the chemicals get backed up in different systems in the body and we have health issues and like I mentioned or longer term effects like cancer and disease.

Most people think that a few doses of Vitamin C and zinc are the keys to strengthening the immune system, but there’s another immune booster that needs consideration—Calcium D-Glucarate. This is a patented purified form of D-glucaric acid and it’s a natural detoxifier. D-glucaric acid is naturally produced by the human body. It also occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables (like kale, apples, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, oranges, squash,). As our exposure to toxins has increased our need for glucuronic acid. Our bodies can’t produce enough for the onslaught. Unfortunately, it now occurs in such residual amounts in foods that the magic doesn’t happen just by getting it in foods. What’s the magic? Glucuronidation.
Glucuronidation is a natural process of the body in which a toxin is made water soluble so that it can be more easily flushed out of the body. Here’s how it works. Toxins build up in the body causing mutations in DNA and other health issues…like the ones I was talking about, as well as the silent disease killers that are akin to a stealthy shark attack. But, in the process of glucuronidation, glucuronic acid bonds with the toxins to create a new compound—one that’s naturally excreted from the body, ridding it of toxins—kind of like an armed guard that escorts them out, no excuses accepted. We can’t take a pill that is straight glucuronic acid.  It has to be taken as Calcium D-Glucarate.

Studies show that taking Calcium D-Glucarate:

·         Removes carcinogens and helps reduce the spread of cancer cells
·         Detoxifies the liver
·         Decreases LDL cholesterol (lowering it in humans by 28 percent)
·         Removes excess estrogen (which can cause increased tissue growth, cancer and man boobs).
My favorite form of Calcium D-Glucarate is by Orenda and is called Orenda Immune.  It combines Calcium D-Glucarate with muramyl peptides and beta 1,3 glucans, for even more immune boosting power. Watch a video on it here .  Whether you need to avoid viruses and bacteria on your next business trip or boost your defenses to fight a genetic predisposition to heart disease, Orenda Immune has got your back—like a pod of dolphins patrolling.

Contact me to find out about this, and other healthy choices. Get your order of Orenda Immune .

diver and dolphins
I wanted my body to metamorphose, but it wasn’t listening to me.
I’d decided some things just never change.  But then...
Dear Yin Weavers,
I felt frightened, out of control and concerned.  It was clear that my health was going downhill fast and that before long I'd be developing serious health issues.  It had already started.
High blood pressure (150/90), high cholesterol (276), weight gain that I couldn't halt, sleep difficulties, sugar cravings, and thyroid disorder. This is what I was experiencing exactly a year ago. And as much as I tried to find a magic key for transformation, nothing was working.
Before age 50, I'd been able to control health issues with diet, herbal supplements, exercise, energy approaches to health management, and occasional visits to the chiropractor. But now, these techniques weren’t working. It felt like my body wasn't my own—someone had dropped me down into a foreign physique that was hardwired for dysfunction. And I was a health practitioner--an energy therapist with declining health and waning energy!

Finally, I heard about a new program that promised I would “loose weight, and gain health” with cleansing, specific modules for change (that allowed a day off without guilt), exercise, healthy food, quality supplements that nourished the body and changed the metabolism, and not doing it alone.
It was a 100 day commitment, using Orenda products.  Could I stay with it for 100 days?  My husband joined me in the program and we made slow, steady changes that brought results.

before weight loss
after weight loss
Now....just over 4 months later, I’m 30 pounds lighter, 19 ¼” smaller, my blood pressure’s down to 130/80 and cholesterol’s down to 118!  No more sugar    cravings (though I allow myself an occasional treat); I’m sleeping well, and I have increased energy and higher self-esteem. And aside from the obvious,  visible changes, I know I'm making lasting changes that fight the silent, invisible killers to health—heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes. What made the change work this time?
A complete transformation (like a butterfly undergoes) is called holometabolism [ holo, from the Greek means, “entire” or “whole” and metabol means to “throw change”]. It’s a change that’s so radical (at a cellular level), that there’s no option of return to the previous state. Ever seen a butterfly go back to caterpillar life?  Couldn't happen.
Ok, I admit, I didn’t sprout wings and change into a flying creature, but I know that there’s been a metamorphosis on a deep, cellular level—in how my body converts food to energy for optimal performance and for fighting disease. There have also been changes in my habits and thought patterns about food. These are changes that will last.

Lasting change for weight loss is hard work, and it needs these components for success:
  • Group support . Studies show that lasting changes are more successful in a group program. 77% of people succeed in a group program, whereas only 10% can do it solo on individual willpower.
  • Easy to follow — no crazy diets that leave you undernourished with unstable blood sugar levels, counting calories or carbs, hard to find ingredients, impossible weight loss gimmicks, drinking sugary shakes, taking supplements that dangerously raise blood pressure, eating only grapefruit or only carbs, or no carbs and only meat. The food and supplements are easy to obtain and work together.
  • 100 days —anything can last for 3 to 5 days, but if you can stay with something for 100 days, the behavior changes become new, healthy habits. 100 days is do-able and consists of a 10 day start up and three 30 day modules, with allowed days off.
  • A jump start —it not only gets you revved up about changes, it revs up your body’s metabolism. The 10 day cleanse is a catalyst; it detoxifies your body (toxins love to store up in adipose orfat tissue) and provides nutrients and food during the cleanse. The amount I lost in the jump start motivated me to keep going.
  • Real food —consisting of vegetables, organic fruit, legumes and protein, allowed carbohydrates—that tastes great, nourishes the body—and is easy to find at your grocery store.
  • Scientifically proven supplements —that cleanse toxins, burn fat and nourish cellular performance. Things like green coffee extract (proven to help your digestive system handle glucose), spirulina, barley grass and quinoa sprouts (in a delicious shake), that are combined with real food and regular exercise.
  • Affordable —for about $5.00 per meal you can afford the food and the supplements.
  • Weight loss with health gains that’s what makes this program different.  You won’t be depleting your body while you’re on the program.  Your health will improve in many areas other than weight loss . My husband actually discovered that after being on the program his sperm count was that of a twenty year old! My problem with chronic sinusitis (which I had just attributed to living in Chicago) just disappeared.
  • Healthy weight maintenance —the program results in healthy weight loss as well as healthy weight maintenance; it's designed by a company that’s been on the cutting edge for scientific supplements for the last decade.
Do you desire "holometabolism" that will completely metamorphose your body and your health? Contact me for information on the program and a group starting. The program is for women and men. For more information on the Orenda program, click here and here .
Give just 100 days for a New You this New Year .

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